Toroidal transformer

Classified by structure
Toroidal transformers are applied in power transformer, audio transformer, regulator, etc. The smallest toroidal transformer we make is less than 3VA with its diameter nearly 40mm,while the biggest one's diameter reaches 1000mm and its high nearly 250mm.The toroidal transformers can be designed and manufactured based on your requirements.
The items below indicating our toroidal transformers' characteristics:
No cut core with no air gap
High efficiency, small size, low temperature rise
Low leakage flux
Dual insulation, temperature class: 130 C
Accord with CCC and EN61558 standards
Different manners for fitting
Using environmental protection materials to meet ROHS requirements

SY0908-2523A1Toroidal transformer
SY0906-2464A3Toroidal transformer
A1201263Toroidal transformer
00041potted transformer
00700Toroidal transformer
00015Toroidal transformer
00150Toroidal transformer
00836Toroidal transformer
00003Toroidal transformer
00214Toroidal transformer

Toroidal transformer is used cold steel strip for core of which performances and prices change according to the cores' materials degrees.
The windings of toroidal transformer appear outside just covered with a piece of plastic film, which lead to easy break and creates a magnetic field around the winding. To settle this problem is adding a shield outside the product.
Every toroidal transformer has been tested strictly including the test of no-load voltage, current, load voltage, insulation capability, and so on. Part of which have to pass electrified test and electrical breakdown test.
We can design and make the toroidal transformers such as small-sized transformer, micro-sized transformer and large-sized for you with your special requirements.