R-core transformer

Classified by structure
R-core transformer can be applied in power transformer, isolation transformer and three phases transformer.
The items below indicating our R-core transformers' characteristics:
Small size and weight
R-core transformer is made using no cut, high degree silicon steel strip. Consequently, its size and weight is 30% smaller and 40% lighter than EI transformer respectively.
High efficiency
Thanks to the no cut structure, low losses, high grade materials and idea construction minimizing the distance between core and winding, the efficiency of R-core transformers no less than 90%.
low magnetic leakage
R-core transformer take the advantage of no magnetic gab and uniform winding, which keep the magnetic leakage to a minimum level.
low noise and heat
Due to all the factors of R-core transformer's construction ,the resistance loss, temperature rise and excitation Current are very low. The noise made by working R-core transformer can be restricted to a very low level.
high security guarantee
Primary winding and secondary winding enjoy complete isolation ensures its excellent insulation. Fire retardant bobbins on each side of the core satisfy any national standards.

SY0908-2490A1R-core transformer
10003R-core transformer
11000R-core transformer
10140-2R-core transformer
10020R-core transformer
10030-2R-core transformer
10345R-core transformer
10361R-core transformer
10140R-core transformer
10100R-core transformer

There are standard specification in both of he single-phase or three phases R-core transformer. When choosing them, you can take the sizes for reference.