O-core transformer

Classified by structure
O-core transformers enjoy excellent performances on reducing power interference thanks to their special structure. What is more, they can achieve more efficiency for their cross section close to circular shape which reduces their resistance. So they are really suitable to be used for isolation transformer. In addition, O-core transformer can also be used for power transformer when there is high requirement on EMI.

40400-2O-core transformer
41500O-core transformer
40800O-core transformer
40600-2O-core transformer
40200-2O-core transformer
40600O-core transformer
40200O-core transformer
40400O-core transformer

Some people classify o-core transformer into OA and OB. So call OB type transformer is making the core into ellipse shape in order to figure out the problem of too big diameter .It is a misunderstanding that it would largely reduce its performances.